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He Will Carry You
From - Wandering Stranger

The First Noel
From - Christmas

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Tom Keene has been a prominent musician for more than four decades. His name appears on innumerable recordings, many of them gospel classics, as arranger, conductor, guitarist, pianist, synthesizer artist and producer. His musicianship bears the unmistakable mark of intensive classical training and a natural gift for music. Tom understands music as few do today. He plays, improvises and composes on the piano as naturally as he breathes. Tom is the rare musician; as well known for his precise mastery of many styles of music, as he is his creative ingenuity. 

​Having been a studio musician and producer, who has always gone the extra mile, to please and help his clients, Tom has developed a generous heart, in helping people accomplish their musical dreams and goals.

​To see if Tom is available to produce, arrange, orchestrate, and or play on your next studio project, OR If you would like to contact Tom you can reach him here:

626 968 1132

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There is a Fountain
From - Peace, Wonderful Peace

You Are My Hiding Place
From - Classical Piano Praise